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We headed out for a day of diving off the Waikiki coast. Unfortunately it started raining while we were underwater. Here we are going in for the first dive of the day.

First Dive was to about 18 meters. The water was quite clear and visibility was good. Fish were plentiful. The divemaster made some photos during the dive with his camera :).

Swimming along the bottom in search of interesting things off Waikiki beach, our group was 5 divers, most of them from California...

The divemaster made a little friend....

and handed him over to me. It was quite nice holding him, he used his suckers on the tentacles to suck himself onto my hand and just remained there immobile holding on to me as if to search for protection.

After a little while the octopus got tired of my hand and took off. Soon after we found this sea star.

There are quite a lot of sea eels around the Hawaiian islands. We found a couple peeking out of their holes.

Shortly after, he took off too...

Time to head back up, here we are doing our decompression stop.

Back on the ship, the wind was blowing and it felt Cold ... but happy ... .